Giorgio Piola

Giorgio Piola T-Shirt – Ferrari F1 Magnify White

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Giorgio Piola's extensive 40+ year career of covering Formula 1 has earned him the reputation of the sport's most famous technical journalist. In fact, his detailed drawings of F1 cars remain the benchmark until this day. is proud to collaborate with Piola to bring his drawings closer to racing fans through this series of Limited Edition T-Shirts.

This T-Shirt has been digitally printed with a high definition render of the side pods of a Ferrari from the extensive Giorgio Piola Technical Archive, of which is proud to be the sole owner. These high definition computer-aided renders showcase his contemporary work and his incredible ability to translate Formula 1's technology into fine art, enabling fans all over the worlds to better understand the complex science behind the pinnacle of motorsport.

This is a Limited Edition T-Shirt, individually numbered in a run of only 500.



  • Giorgio Piola logo
  • Motorsport logo
  • 100% Cotton 180gm2
  • Made in Turkey