Formula 1 Inspired Swiss Watches - The Giorgio Piola Collection


Legendary Formula 1 illustrator Giorgio Piola has launched a new range of F1-inspired timepieces – drawing from his career of intensive research and illustrations from Grands Prix around the world.

For the last 50 years, and after a record breaking 808 Grand Prix covered, Giorgio has profiled every change in design and engineering for every car on the grid. In a sport where victory is determined by mere hundredths of a second, it is often the most minute change that makes all the difference.


Who better to speak to what constitutes Formula One inspired designs than the sport watch brand created by the man who spent a lifetime illustrating the defining designs of Formula One? A career spent meticulously drafting the most transcendent engineering, of the best racing machine, has given Giorgio an invaluable education on enduring design, evidenced by this new venture that so eloquently conveys the precision, passion and performance necessary for success at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Piola’s new Swiss-made timepieces utilize the latest racing materials including carbon fiber, titanium, crystal and rubber molded in the finished product. 

The watches have been designed by Piola and influenced by the Formula 1 excellence, precision, latest design trends and materials.

"My years of illustrating Formula 1 machines have given me a unique insight into the finest design minds in the world. We've taken inspiration from that in creating this timepiece collection," Piola said. 

"We've looked at materials, design trends and examples from the world of Formula 1 and transformed the concepts into these beautiful watches. 

"Time is the critical factor in Formula 1. Whether it be running against the clock in qualifying, creating new components or building a new car – time is constantly on the forefront of everyone's mind in the sport.


"These watches have taken inspiration from that and I am delighted with the end result. Usually, I am illustrating other designer’s work to showcase it to the world – with the Giorgio Piola timepiece collection I have had the opportunity to take these inspirations and create my own finished product."

Giorgio Piola Timepieces:

Experience Piola’s flawless artistic design, coupled with Swiss watch craftsmanship, in Giorgio Piola’s debut sport timepiece collection.


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