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2019 tech verdict: Renault reaches ahead, but falls back

In a season where it promised much, Renault fell well short of the goals it had set itself. Although the engine performed much closer to its rivals than before, the step forward it had expected to take on the chassis and aero side with the arrival of star driver Daniel Ricciardo simply didn’t happen. Having been a solid fourth in 2018, Renault scored fewer points this term and fell behind McLaren – who beat it with its own engines.

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Know your watch: Do you know how to use the bezel?

Know your watch: Do you know how to use the bezel? Let’s say you bought one incredible Formula 1 inspired watch from our collection, but are a little lost as to how to properly use all its functions, apart of knowing the time of day, that is. That’s normal. After all, almost every modern-day designed watch has an array of functionalities, dials and scales engraved unto them that may confuse people who aren’t exactly familiar with them. But fret not, because we’re here to teach you how to squeeze every ounce of utility of that amazing F1 timepiece you got as a Christmas present for yourself. Let’s start by asking what kind of things can you measure with that fancy...

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