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How Formula 1's New Mirrors Could Look

Formula 1 mirror designs will be under the spotlight next week when technical chiefs meet with the FIA to discuss potential changes to help improve driver visibility.   As revealed by Motorsport.com, the FIA wants to move the mirrors so that a drivers' view is not obstructed by the top edge of the sidepods and wider wings, as has been increasingly happening. Although an attempt by the FIA to stipulate a new location on safety grounds was redacted for procedural matters, the proposal does show what the governing body is trying to achieve. As Giorgio Piola's exclusive drawings show, the location that was originally put forward by the FIA is higher and further out than mirrors currently are.    Mercedes...

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What Was Behind Red Bull's Split Wing Approach

Red Bull's long-standing power deficit to rivals Mercedes and Ferrari has often forced it to be aggressive with its wing settings in a bid to ensure it does not lose too much time on the straights. The team has often tried to trim out its wings, and it has not been unknown for Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo to experiment with wildly different wing levels to try to discover the best performance. The high-speed characteristics of Silverstone, with the flat-out corners effectively being treated as straights, meant that Red Bull had to go pretty extreme last weekend through. Both Mercedes and Ferrari ran with the low-drag style wings that were used in Baku, which forced Red Bull to try to go with an even smaller angle....

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The Changes That Put Ferrari on Top at the British GP

The British Grand Prix was a major test for Ferrari's in-season development, and the Scuderia passed - running Mercedes closer than expected over one lap and winning the race. Just a week after a major update at Mercedes helped the German car manufacturer deliver a pace change in Austria, Ferrari’s own developments appeared to make the difference at Silverstone.     The high-speed track has traditionally been the perfect stomping ground for Mercedes, but the tweaks to Ferrari’s floor delivered a step up in speed that made a big difference.  Here, Giorgio Piola and Matt Somerfield look at the tweaks in detail.   Floor overhaul The long gill-like holes in the SF71H’s floor have been updated, as an extra hole was introduced...

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