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Giorgio Piola's top F1 cars: Ferrari 640

Ahead of Ferrari's home race at the Italian Grand Prix, legendary technical expert and illustrator Giorgio Piola revisits one of its greatest Formula 1 cars - the 640. Ferrari's 1989 design broke new ground with its semi-automatic gear change system, but Giorgio explains how its creator John Barnard went to extraordinary lengths to make sure the innovation stayed on the car despite skepticism within the team. Though those sceptics looked set to be proved right as reliability problems peppered Ferrari's pre-season build-up, Barnard was vindicated first when Nigel Mansell took a shock victory on the car's debut in the Brazilian Grand Prix and then when the technology went on to be adopted not just across F1 and the rest of...

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F1 tech race: 2019’s nose and front wing updates so far

We are already past the halfway point in the Formula 1 season, and so far we’ve seen plenty of great work done by the teams to improve their performance. As always, Giorgio Piola has kept a close eye on these improvements – so we can take a look through the story so far. Let’s start with front wings and noses… Alfa Romeo Racing C38 front wing detail Photo by: Giorgio Piola The new aerodynamic regulations for 2019 saw teams take two very different approaches with their front wing designs. Alfa Romeo opted for the most aggressive solution, adopting what’s known as an ‘unloaded’ design, a solution preferred by both Ferrari and Toro Rosso too. This ‘unloaded’ wing solution features a...

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Post Monza Comments

Breaking the ice and claiming his first career victory only one week prior at Spa, this weekend, Leclerc followed that up with a highly contested drive and hard fought win at Monza. Holding off the Mercs, Leclerc displayed all the characteristics required to be a Formula 1 Champion. He not only possesses enormous talent and speed - which has been clear to everyone since Bahrain - but he also possesses the ruthlessness and malice that you wouldn’t expect from the baby faced racer. This was on full display as some of the tactics used were called into question, but ultimately deemed legal by the stewards (albeit with a warning not to do it again). Great drivers have this side of...

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Italian GP: Latest F1 tech updates, straight from pitlane

Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images bring you the Formula 1 technical updates on show in the Monza pit-lane at the Italian Grand Prix, giving insight into the relentless development undertaken by the teams in pursuit of more performance. Ferrari SF90 rear wing Photo by: Giorgio Piola  Ferrari’s low downforce rear wing is a fairly simple affair with a low angle of attack to reduce drag. Also note the sculpted upper edge of the mainplane, which is pared back in the central portion to undoubtedly alter the tip vortex and with it the drag being created. Red Bull Racing RB15 Photo by: Giorgio Piola Red Bull’s RB15 is sporting a very low downforce rear wing design as it looks to offset...

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How Alfa, Mercedes and Haas have innovated

Finding aerodynamic performance in Formula 1 is as much about following the examples set by your rivals as it is about finding new design avenues. However, when all of the major design solutions have been widely adopted there must come a point at which new design avenues become apparent. Here are just three examples of such innovation that have emerged in recent races... Alfa Romeo C38 endplate design, German Grand Prix Photo by: Giorgio Piola Alfa Romeo introduced a revised front wing footplate design at the British GP that was further adapted for the German GP. As the footplate is not as rigorously governed by the new regulations as other areas of the front wing, it allows the design engineers...

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