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Singapore GP: Latest F1 tech updates, straight from pitlane

Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images bring you the Formula 1 technical updates on show in the Marina Bay pit-lane at the Singapore Grand Prix, giving insight into the relentless development undertaken by the teams in pursuit of more performance. Ferrari SF90 nose Photo by: Giorgio Piola Ferrari has arrived in Singapore with an adaptation of the cape design seen elsewhere on the grid over the last couple of seasons. The nose structure itself remains largely unchanged but the cape, which will influence the movement of air around the structure, has been incorporated into it. Ferrari SF90 Art Print Ferrari SF90, front wing Photo by: Giorgio Piola Both nose solutions available to Ferrari in Singapore, the newest of which is at...

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Marina Bay Street Circuit

The race this Sunday at Marina Bay Street Circuit will definitely be a challenge for the drivers.  Here at the technically demanding Singapore GP, drivers can almost literally feel the walls closing in on them due to the way the track is set up. This can really increase the stress levels the drivers experience, inducing a pressure cooker like atmosphere with the drivers enduring extreme humidity and temperatures of about 50C.  The track features more than 20 curves, allowing little time for drivers to relax, while favoring the more technically developed cars such as Mercedes. All signs point to an intense battle between the likes of Hamilton and Verstappen, with little hope for the back-to-back winner Charles Leclerc and his...

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Tech verdict: How Ferrari got it so right in Spa and Monza

Ferrari’s back-to-back victories in Belgium and Italy saw the team capitalize on the SF90’s more aerodynamically efficient design philosophy, but that’s not to say it didn’t have to make further adjustments to usurp its adversaries. We investigate how Ferrari got back on top with the help of Giorgio Piola’s latest illustrations. Ferrari SF90 rear wing detail Photo by: Giorgio Piola Ferrari chose to run a relatively conventional lower downforce rear wing arrangement for the Belgian GP, rather than the spoon shaped rear wing we’ve seen it favour in the past. It’s a decision that would not only boost straight-line speed but also help to keep rivals at arm’s length through the more demanding middle sector. Ferrari SF90 rear wing Photo...

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F1 tech race: Giorgio Piola on 2019’s finer details

Pockets of performance can always be found when new regulations come into play, especially in areas where the FIA have already tried to close things off. As they say, the devil is in the details. Mercedes AMG F1 W10 front suspension Photo by: Giorgio Piola All of the teams have looked to carve out space for small winglets on the brake duct this year, as seen here on the Mercedes W10. Alfa Romeo Racing C38 fins Photo by: Giorgio Piola Similarly, many teams now have winglets mounted on the ramped section of the chassis, used to just tidy up the airflow as it travels over the nose/chassis transition. Here’s the Alfa Romeo C38. Red Bull RB15 new fins Photo by:...

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F1 tech race: Giorgio Piola on key 2019 developments

We are already past the halfway point in the Formula 1 season, and so far we’ve seen plenty of great work done by the teams to improve their performance. As always, Giorgio Piola has kept a close eye on these improvements – so we can take a look through the story so far… The bargeboard region has been another area of explosive development since the regulations were changed to increase downforce in 2017. The teams have continued to make strides in this area, even though the available space has been reduced for this season.    2019 bargeboard regulation Photo by: Giorgio Piola The height at which the bargeboards could extend upward was reduced by 150mm, but they can now sit...

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