The Perfect F1 Inspired Watch for the Perfect F1 fan

The Perfect F1 Inspired Watch for the Perfect F1 fan

Nearly forty years ago, what started as a friendly bet between brothers, has now become a booming
and exclusive brand, inspired by the precision and style of the Formula 1, spawning an array of
incredible racing watches. Want to know how and why? Then by all means, keep reading.
Yes, my friend. A bet is the responsible for the conception and origin of the most exclusive F1
Inspired watches: Giorgio Piola’s watches. It all started when Giorgio and his brothers challenged
themselves to settle a debate as to whose illustrations were good enough to be published in the
main and most prestigious motorsports magazines of the time.
Giorgio had the vision to look for inspiration on the flawless engines and machines that comprise
the Formula 1 staple: its cars. He took to analyze and deconstruct every piece of design of these
astounding machines, and then it was clear: his career was starting, and it was starting big, creating
not any sport watch, but a watch with the design specifications and precision to rival the best ones
on the market, a watch that took to heart the principles of a sport where mere split seconds can
mean the difference between victory and defeat.
For the past 4 decades, Giorgio has been perfecting and profiling every change in design and
engineering for every car on the track and applying this very same knowledge and engineering to
each and every one swiss timepiece he creates.
And since precision is the name of the game when it comes to such exact devices, you can bet every
single piece he produces is a work of art and expert craftsmanship.
“I glance at a car and the differences stick out, as if there’s a magnet. Without knowing it, I was
always training myself for my future profession”, says the man himself about why every one of his
designed and f1 inspired watches recreates painstakingly to the detail each new design to the point
of perfection.
But the story of Giorgio Piola’s love affair with the Formula 1 began even sooner. Specifically, on
the Grand Prix of Monaco on the year 1969, half a century ago. He has been on 821 Grand Prix and
he has captured some of the best moments of the sport.
Engineer, artist, inventor and designer, he’s credited with some of the best and more
comprehensive detailed designs and illustrations about the subject, and he’s had the chance to
capture the absolute elite of racing right there on the track. Truly a name amongst giants, you can
bet that every single one of his timepieces has the love and the experience of a master craftsman
imprinted into them.
What’s your favorite F1 watch? I can hardly choose just one.

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