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8 Milestones That Forever Changed The History Of Formula 1

8 Milestones That Forever Changed The History Of Formula  Many events marked Formula 1 news throughout its existence, these are the 8 milestones that in our opinion set a great precedent in the premier engine category. F1 is celebrated. In 2020, the premier class celebrates 70 years of existence with a rich history that has been interwoven since the first official GP. Although many things have happened in these seven decades, at we want to number the 8 milestones that in our opinion changed the course of the history of this sport.

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Tech insight: Mercedes Reveals German GP Aero Update Package

Mercedes has unveiled a number of new updates for its home Formula 1 race at Hockenheim, including a new turning vane assembly, front wing and bodywork   With the bargeboards and turning vanes next to the sidepods increasing in complexity over the course of the season, Mercedes has worked its way through numerous aerodynamic packages in this area so far this season. For the German Grand Prix this development has continued, and Mercedes has seemingly come up with a completely different design compared to the previous turning vane assemblies. Throughout the season, the team has run with four distinct turning vanes, all interlinked and ending at the final turning vane which loops around the top of the sidepod. Mercedes has now switched to something...

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Mercedes F1 rear suspension secret revealed

Mercedes has made no secret of the fact that one of the biggest gains it has made with its car this year has been in its low-speed corner performance.   Valtteri Bottas admitted as much in Montreal on Thursday when he said that the car’s rotation in such turns was a huge performance and confidence boost. “It feels like it rotates well,” said the Finn about the W10. “It is clearly a big improvement since last year or the year before. We saw in some of the slow-speed corners we were not the best but now we have made huge steps and definitely, the front end of the car is a lot better on the entry. “It means you can...

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The Tech War Fuelling the Mercedes/Ferrari Battle

The fight for the 2018 Formula 1 championship, which resumes in Belgium this weekend, is perhaps one of the most intense we have had for a decade. There has been little to separate Mercedes and Ferrari as each has seized the initiative at various points of the campaign, with neither able to pull itself clear at the front. What has perhaps been really fascinating is that the teams, with very different car philosophies, have been split by such small margins each weekend. Here, ahead of the title battle getting going again, we look back with the help of Giorgio Piola's exclusive illustrations to reflect on their development progress and look at what could be the key factors that make the...

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How Formula 1's New Mirrors Could Look

Formula 1 mirror designs will be under the spotlight next week when technical chiefs meet with the FIA to discuss potential changes to help improve driver visibility.   As revealed by, the FIA wants to move the mirrors so that a drivers' view is not obstructed by the top edge of the sidepods and wider wings, as has been increasingly happening. Although an attempt by the FIA to stipulate a new location on safety grounds was redacted for procedural matters, the proposal does show what the governing body is trying to achieve. As Giorgio Piola's exclusive drawings show, the location that was originally put forward by the FIA is higher and further out than mirrors currently are.    Mercedes...

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