We generally associate this material with entry-level watches or more informal models of all kinds of brands, although it is true that prestigious watchmaking and even high-end watchmaking has chosen this metal to be able to offer the affordability of large-draft pieces. 

Giorgio Piola, as you already know, nailed it by bringing you these masterpieces and here, you will find a few reasons to recognize the advantages of his titanium watches.

Similarly, and before the appearance of titanium, steel was applied to the cases of sports watches. However, take a look a this:

When titanium - a transition metal with a grey colour, low density and great hardness - made its entry, the watchmaking configuration not only changed in appearance, but also gradually gave rise to another series of materials as innovative as titanium in its time, which began to assume a role previously unknown in watchmaking.

  •  Weight: titanium alloy is lighter, and steel is heavier

  • Colour: titanium alloy generally silver, while steel is steel coloured. The advantages of both materials are; titanium alloy is relatively light and does not cause any allergic reaction. But the weight is heavier than steel. For men, the disadvantage is easy to scratch in traces.

Titanium is a major metal structure developed in the 1950s, titanium alloy has high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and high and is widely used in various fields. 

Many countries in the world have recognized the importance of titanium alloy materials, have led to research and development of them and have been applied in practice. 

In 50 to 60 years of the twentieth century, is the main structure of the titanium alloy, used in the development of high-temperature titanium alloy engines and body in the 70s, developed a number of titanium alloys, since the 80s, titanium alloys and high-strength titanium alloy have been developed. 

Titanium alloys are mainly used for the manufacture of aircraft engine compressor parts, followed by rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft structures.

The history is made of titanium alloy watch strap and watch, in recent years, increasingly, this is not just a fad, mainly titanium has many advantages. 

Firstly, it is lightweight (4.5 g/cm3), only about 55% of steel, and strength and hardness are close to stainless steel; secondly, with resistance to corrosion, basically not rust; and then there is the protection of green environment, does not harm the human body as nickel.

Therefore, titanium alloy is widely used in medical equipment, photographic, glasses, sports, aviation, military and other industries, many of the excellent properties of titanium will be more widely used, will be like the appearance and application of aluminum in the same year, become the fourth generation of the metal. 

It gives people a totally modern sense of science and technology, and some people consider You as the metal of the 21st century. I have seen a twist frame before, but it just put in boiling water, and it automatically restores its shape. 

Titanium Is Really Amazing. It Has Memory Properties

It Can Resist Corrosion

It can be used in salt water without becoming corroded. Moreover, it is not affected by extreme temperatures.

It Can Go With Any Fashion Statement

Are you the kind of person who loves to wear smart casual clothes most of the time, or do you prefer a more avant-garde fashion type? Either way, this is perfect for you, as it suits all kinds of fashion statements.

It 's Eco-friendly

Titanium is recyclable, which makes it eco-friendly. Because of this feature, most watches intended for outdoor activities are built with titanium.

With the advantages discussed above, it can really be said that titanium watches deserve their popularity in the market. Furthermore, it can definitely be concluded that a watch made of titanium is the best type of watch today, especially for users who are always on the move. It may be a bit expensive, but it is worth wearing that type of watch. 

At the end of the day, it is still better to invest in the quality of a product than to spend your hard-earned money on items that are not really worth buying.


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