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How low can you go? Skinny Monza F1 wings explained

Monza holds a special place on the calendar, owing to the unique challenge that it poses to engineers and drivers alike. While higher top speeds are achieved elsewhere, its unique layout prompts many designers to create specific rear wing designs for this one race each year.

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The current regulation was released in 2017 and only last year a relevant modification was introduced by radically simplifying the front wings, as well as other complementary changes. It is not surprising, therefore, that this year's single-seaters are an evolution of those of 2019 for the most part, especially those that proved to have potential. This was the case with the Ferrari SF90, which although disappointing in terms of consistency and versatility, made it very clear that it had the capacity to be the fastest on the grid if the right conditions were in place. That's why the Italian brand has taken a winning concept further rather than seeking a new path. The premises are clear: to generate more aerodynamic...

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How a mistake helped create an F1 icon

The Lotus 79 is part of an elite group that Giorgio Piola considers to be milestone machines, with each of these cars incorporating designs, solutions or systems that would be widely adopted by their rivals such was their potency.

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