Giorgio Piola



Through all its complexities, the F1 steering wheel maintains one true purpose. Control. The Strat-3 is designed with such a purpose in mind, boasting subtle complications and robust Swiss chronography that grant supreme authority without distraction.


Sandblasted titanium


Sandblasted titanium


Ronda 5030.D Quartz Swiss Movement


Black/Blue rubber with stainless steel deployment



Water Resistance:


Designed For Control

Formula One pilots have every control imaginable at their fingertips, and they have to. Blink for one-second at 200mph and they’ve traveled roughly 300ft. Driver’s must factor in braking, shifting, cornering, engaging DRS, adjusting brake bias and managing tire wear while accounting for 20 other machines traveling the same speed, at times inches from their wheels. Sounds overwhelming? Welcome to F1.

The Strat-3 from Giorgio Piola is a chronograph designed to reflect a similar level of control. The handsome face, brilliantly protected by anti-reflective sapphire glass, displays everything you need to know at a glance, keeping your focus on what lies ahead. The sub-dials are a subtle nod to F1 steering wheel design, conveniently displaying month and date, while allowing the wearer to time both lap and individual sector time with utmost accuracy. By adding naturally robust materials like the sandblasted titanium case and durable race-tire inspired rubber strap, Piola has created a timepiece that allows its owner to experience the F1 rush everyday.